Thursday, March 15, 2007

Welcome to my new blog

Dear friends and supporters,

Welcome to my first blog entry. Thanks to all of you for the pressure you have put on the government. Because of this, as well as my good behaviour, they are now letting me have some internet access, so I have decided to publish a blog to let all my supporters out there know how I’m going here, and share some stories of recent adventures. I will also use this forum to occasionally spread the truth about the philosophies of the Taliban - and not the lies that have been perpetuated by the Jewish controlled media and your Zionist occupied government.

I apologise if the standard of my writing is not very good. I realise I’m no Ernst Hemingway, as unlike Ernst, I was always truly a lot better with a rifle than a pen.

My lawyer Major Michael Mori has told me that I should be home soon. Michael says that because of all the great publicity he is getting, he now expects himself to make an easy transition from military law into a Hollywood leading man, but only after he has finished trying my case. He says he has been assured the Tom Cruise role in the soon to be made sequel to A Few Good Men. He is very excited about this.

Oh, and I almost forgot, we had a movie night here in Gitmo and the they played the film “The President Versus David Hicks.” It was great. And Dad, yes, I was telling you off.

As for me, I am really excited about getting back to Australia. I have received so many letters of support from so many like-minded people. I even received a letter of support from a Jew! He was named Antony Loewenstein. To quote Arnold Schwarzenegger from the movie that first got me interested in assault weapons - I speak of course of Commando - “I like you Loewenstein, that’s why I’m gonna kill you last.”

When I get back to Australia, I think I will go into politics. I thought about joining the Greens as I agree with many of their policies. However, when I discovered that their leader Bob Brown was openly a homosexual…well this is clearly unacceptable. Under the Taliban, we would have humiliated and then beheaded such a man. Also, they have women in the party who parade their faces and voices to a public audience – also not acceptable. Such women who dare do this should be put to death by stoning – that’s the Taliban way.

Also, I have heard that some Jewish group is asking why people who campaign for fairness for myself do not also campaign for the release of that Bangladeshi blaspheming newspaper editor Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury. He is deservedly facing execution by the Bangladeshi Government for the seditious act of daring to suggest that Bangladesh should consider opening diplomatic relations with Israel. I ask all of you to not buy into this Zionist campaign.

Ok, my internet time is almost over, and my mate Khalid wants to get on here and access his blog, so he can brag some more about some Jewish journalist he beheaded in Pakistan. Anyway, I hope they will continue to let me write. Keep up you letters of support. You can also contact me through the comments section on this blog.